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Delegation to Liaoning Province, 2012 (Symposium on Water Circulation Total System Technologies in Shenyang)

1.   In Shenyang, in Liaoning Province, China, a Japan-China joint symposium “Symposium on Total Water Circulation System Technologies in Shenyang ” and a business social meeting were held. At these events, technologies of member companies of “Kansai HANDs”* were introduced and memorandums of cooperation were concluded between the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Department of Environmental Protection of Liaoning Province, and also between Team E-Kansai and Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection and Industrial Association.

2.   The mission called on the Vice-Governor of Liaoning Province and other executives of governmental organizations to exchange opinions and provide technical propositions.

* Kansai HANDs
“Kansai HANDs” comprises Hitachi Zosen CorporationAtaka Daiki Engineering Co. Ltd.Nagaoka International Corp., and Daicen Membrane-Systems Ltd., and takes its name from the first letters of its members’ names. The group provides a total water cycle system that works effectively as a comprehensive solution to various problems concerning water shortages and improvement of the water environment in Liaoning Province, China by utilizing the strengths of the four companies such as water intake, membrane processing, concentration and dehydration, and sludge treatment.

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Delegation to Liaoning Province, 2012 (Symposium on Total Water Circulation System Technologies in Shenyang )

2012. 7. 4 - 7

Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China

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