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“Environmental Technology Workshop” and “Networking Café” were held in Surabaya, Indonesia.

In September, 2015, the Team E-Kansai conducted a kick-off seminar in Jakarta City, Indonesia where new markets are expected to grow in the environmental and energy-saving areas. Based on the achievements of such seminar, this time, the team held a workshop in relation to environmental technologies, etc., centering on water treatment area in Surabaya City, Indonesia.

At the workshop on July 21, 2016, 5 leading public corporations for local waters supply (PDAM) in Jawa Timur (State of Eastern Jawa) including the Indonesian Water Supply Public Corporation (PERPAMSI) participated there and made presentations on development plans of water supply business in Indonesia, regionally unique problems and technological needs to Japan, etc.

Subsequently, after 6 member companies of the Team E-Kansai promoted their own technologies to the audience, the participants had interactions on their business.

On the following day or July 22, with the cooperation of the PDAM, the participants visited a water treatment plant under its control, confirming the operational status of water treatment equipment.

In addition, on the preceding day or July 20, a networking café took place, and Mr. Hiroo Shimouchi, the representative director and the president of PT Resona Indonesia Finance delivered a lecture on “The Latest Situation of Indonesia”, explaining the expansion of wealthy-class and middle-class population, increase of labor costs and foreign exchange risk, etc. in detail.

Taking this event as a good opportunity, the Team E-Kansai will deepen a relationship with the PERPAMSI and help its member companies to promote the introduction of their environmental equipment to the water treatment plants, etc. of the PDAM.

Name:Team E-Kansai, Environmental Technology Workshop in Surabaya

Date:July 20, 2016 (wed.) for Networking Café / July 21 (Thu.) for Environmental Technology Workshop

Venue:Hotel Santika Premier Gubeng (in Surabaya)

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