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”Water and Environmental Technology Business Matching Seminar” and “Networking Café” were held in Jakarta.


Team E-Kansai started its activities such as holding seminars or market researches two years ago, focusing on Indonesia as an expected emerging market in the environmental and energy-saving field. Following the activities in Surabaya in July of last year, Team E-Kansai held a business matching seminar on environmental technologies centering on water treatment field.

Along with “INDOWATER2017” held from July 12 to 14, Team E-Kansai held a “Water and Environmental Technology Business Matching Seminar” at Jakarta Convention Center on July 14, co-hosting it with Indonesian Water Supply Public Corporation (PERPAMSI). 8 public corporations for local water supply (PDAM) in Western Jawa participated in the seminar where Agency of the Assessment and Application of Technology of Indonesia (BPPT) delivered a lecture and 7 member companies of Team E-Kansai made technical presentations, being followed by individual business meetings thereafter.

 On July 13, in cooperation with the PDAM of Tangerang Province, the participants visited a water treatment plant under its control, confirming the operational state of the treatment equipment, asking about technical needs, as well as receiving technical presentations from several participants.

 On July 12, Team E-Kansai held a Networking Café where Mr. Kazuhisa Matsui (representative of Matsui Glocal LLC) made a presentation titled “Business Expansion in Indonesia”, explaining the transition of politics, economy and investment environment of Indonesia in recent years, as well as talking about his experience relating to his involvement with Indonesia.

Taking these events as good opportunities, Team E-Kansai strives to support and accelerate the introduction of environmental equipment of the member companies of Team E-Kansai to the water treatment plant, etc. of the PDAM.



Water and Environmental Technology Business Matching Seminar in Jakarta / Networking Café

July 14, 2017 Business Matching Seminar, July 12, 2017 Networking Café

Century Park Hotel, Jakarta / Jakarta Convention Center

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